I’m searchin for you my Yoko .. .

My Yoko Ono, I sense your call. Spirits guides in my life tell me your close. I am searching for you.


fried man died tonight

My father never knew his true father, which went by the name of Friedmann, so his mother’s maiden name was Lerner. By blood I am a Lerner rather than a Fried Man.

My mothers maiden name is Hooley and I tried out that artist name before I embraced Fried Man. Time to be a Lerner aka Learner .. .

the spirit of the crying coyote

I’ve got the spirit of a crying coyote

Always tears of joy,

even when i’m mourning death and life,

I embrace the struggle and the fight

I have fun surviving

and i strive at life

even though its really hard

I have a lot to cry for

you can sense the tears on my face

when i sing my songs and howl at mother moon in pain