2013 – The year for balance

Kicked off the year so far with the theme of working on my balance. Physically I started doing handstands again, but emotionally I have not been able to figure out how to work on balance.

Fried Mom stressed about being gentle. Makes sense because I am pretty blunt and honest which can be seen as sudden and not very gentle.

Also was told by a friend to avoid situations of greatness that have depressed temporary consequences. This is hard for me to do but I am wanting to try a more mellow approach to creative work I do.

I always believed in prevention and just cutting problematic things and situations out of my life suddenly if needed and it worked in the past, but now I realize it’s not a gentle approach and sudden moves like this cause great disturbances in my balance.

I always feared I would live a boring life by not doing extreme things or I would miss out on opportunities if I took it easy rather than all out. But I have lived life like that for years and am willing to try a different approach for at least 1 year.

Cheers to improving my balance in 2013.

-Fried Man .. .


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