poisonous snake spirit

poisonous snake spirit

poisonous snake spirit


Move with The Surf

Oh Dawn

My Starlit Dawn

With you in my life

I’m free, free to shine

Shine so bright

Shine on me

And make me fried

into smoke

I fly away

I get so high

I’ma cloud in the sky

And you always

Shine through me

With you in my life

I’m free

I’m free

Positive & Negative Energy

Here is a thought I just had. Positive & Negative energy are just two different forms of energy. One is not always good and one is not always bad. Both forms of positive and negative energy can be either good or bad. -Fried Man’s Frieday epiphany.

I am usually a person that gravitates towards negative energy and I alwahys wondered why sad and dark sounding sounds would make me feel better while bright and happy music and art would annoy me or make me feel irratated. I probably just lean more towards the negative side when it comes to energy, it does not mean that it is bad however. I consider myself happy and content and enjoy the ups and downs of life.

Some people abuse positive energy and use it in a harmful manner where someone like me can take negative energy and use it for good.